Do You Really Know What Your Business is Worth?

Investiprise’s business valuation services give you the right number.

Why You Need a Business Evaluation

Knowing the true value of a business is crucial for many reasons, including selling, buying, strategic planning, or financial decision-making. Although you may understand the ins and outs of operations, a business owner may not be the best judge of the value of a business or how to improve it. 

At Investiprise, we offer objective business valuation services that provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how much your business is really worth and establish the Most Probable Selling Price (MPSP). We are qualified business professionals who want you to get the most out of your business and years of hard work.

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Our Business Valuation Services

Comprehensive Financial Analysis

Our experts utilize years of industry experience and knowledge to conduct a thorough financial analysis, examining key indicators and performance metrics to determine the financial health of the business.

Asset and Liability Assessment

We evaluate both tangible and intangible assets, as well as liabilities, helping us to provide a holistic view of the business's overall value.

Market Analysis and Trends

Our team assesses market conditions and industry trends to contextualize the business's performance and position it within the broader market landscape.

When is the Right Time to Evaluate a Business?

The right time to evaluate a business depends on a variety of factors including whether you are planning to sell, planning to buy or simply a business owner looking for information.

For Business Sellers

A comprehensive company evaluation will help you sell your business quickly and smoothly. No other information is as valuable to both you and a potential buyer. A business evaluation will allow you to:

Determine the fair market value

Ensure negotiations are informed

Use the valuation for exit planning and smoother succession planning

For Business Buyers

Understand the true value of a business with a business valuation performed by an independent professional so you can:

Use insights to make informed decisions

Negotiate fair terms and pricing

Secure financing by sharing the business valuation with lenders

For Business Owners

Even if selling your business isn’t in your immediate future, leverage the insights from a company valuation to make your business healthier:

Ensure continued growth by adjusting your business strategy according to periodic evaluations

Make sound financial decisions for investment purposes

Use accurate information in the context of mergers or acquisitions

Our Business Evaluation Process

Initial consultation

Meet with our experts to discuss your specific goals and reasons for a business evaluation.

Data collection

Collaborate and gather relevant financial, operational, and market data to conduct a comprehensive assessment.

Analysis and valuation

Use our expertise to analyze data and determine the fair market value of the business.

Detailed report and consultation

Receive a detailed valuation report along with a consultation to understand the findings and implications for your business strategy.

Why Choose Investiprise for Business Evaluation?

Broad Expertise:

Our business evaluation services cater to a variety of needs and ensure a comprehensive understanding of your business's value.

Access to more information:

Investiprise’s business brokers have a thorough understanding of the market and have access to statistics on recent sales. Using advanced software data, brokerage tools and our industry experience, we make sure the valuation of a company is as accurate as possible.

Confidentiality and Precision:

You can be assured that confidentiality is prioritized throughout the evaluation process, ensuring precise and reliable results.

Customized Solutions:

Our approach is tailored to your unique business needs and provides a personalized and insightful evaluation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you evaluate a business for sale?

The best way to obtain a fair company valuation is to use independent and professional business brokers. They can gather the relevant financial, operational, and market data to conduct a comprehensive assessment and then determine how much a business is really worth.

Why is a business evaluation important?

When a business owner decides to sell his company, they may not know how much they should ask for and they may not be the best judge of its worth. By engaging with a 3rd party such as business brokers, they will get an unbiased and objective opinion of what the business is worth. This will help them gain credibility with potential buyers and will be seen as more serious about selling the business.

How often should I evaluate my business?

Business owners should know the value of their business before making strategic decisions and that includes the decision to sell. By determining the value of a business, the owner will be in a better position to plan for the future. Periodic valuations can also help keep track of changes in the business. Ideally, a business valuation should be performed when an owner starts to consider the selling of their business and again when they are ready to move forward.

What factors affect a business valuation?

The profitability of a business is considered more important than revenues. Other factors that affect the company valuation include the type of business, its industry, how long the business has been operating, its organizational structure, assets, inventory, location and more.

How long does the business evaluation process take?

In order to perform a company valuation, financial information and other data must be provided by the business owner and this can take some time. Once this information has been received by the business brokers, it usually takes from two to four weeks.

Can I use my business valuation for loan applications?

A company valuation can be used for loan applications, however some types of businesses are not always financeable. Furthermore, different financial institutions may have expertise with only select types of businesses.

Who can perform a business evaluation?

Professionals with the appropriate training, experience and expertise, such as Investiprise’s brokerage firm, are qualified to perform business valuations and provide an accurate assessment.

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